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The Italianos






Your brand is who you are, your positioning. The Italianos are themselves a unique brand – a passionate, flamboyant and entertaining duo with a flair for cooking that the public instantly fell in love with on MKR.

Mela Creative incorporated the personas of Luciano and Martino into the logo design to create an unmistakable brand identity as the first step to developing The Italianos brand into a valuable asset.

The new pasta and sauces product range required packaging design to reflect the individuality of The Italianos brand – authentic Italian products made with love, passion and creativity.

Mela Creative directed a full day photo-shoot to capture the personalities of Luciano and Martino to create a library of images for use on posters, pull-up display and social media advertising for upcoming events. We ensure any marketing and promotional material always reflect the core values of the brand.

First impressions about your brand help shape expectations but the experience of a delivered promise is what ultimately drives customers back. This was taken into consideration when designing a website to not only be an online store but a place to interact with fans; friendly and open like The Italianos themselves.