Just when you thought that print is becoming less relevant in the digital world, research has proven that magazine advertising actually delivers the best return. Return on advertising spend, or ROAS, is a core driver of media efficiency. According to a comprehensive research study, magazine ads lead the way in ROAS.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions, NCS provide standards in marketing performance. This month NCS announced that magazine delivers the best return on ad spend. It was compared to display (web), traditional TV, mobile and digital video. For every dollar spent on magazine ads, an average of $3.94 of sales was driven by the campaign. The next closest was display advertising with an ROAS of $2.63.

The study revealed other interesting facts as well. Promotional campaigns yield a higher ROAS than other types of creative and baby brands do better in ROAS than food and beverage overall.

The results come from analysis of nearly 1,400 campaigns across 450 consumer packaged goods brands in the US over a decade (2004 – 2015). You can see all the study results as showcased at the Advertising Research Foundation conference in New York here. NCS states that there is no ‘best’ media. Strategy and message should drive the choice but you could use the data to make more informed media decisions.

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