Bright, bold graphics & old-school packaging design trends of 2017

Looking back in retrospect is always an important step in moving forward with packaging design trends in 2018. Last year offered a palette of bright colours, bold elements and supporting graphics to ignite optimism following a difficult year for retail in 2016. Irregular and imperfect strokes within custom hand lettering were popular on packaging designs used within cafes and restaurants. This adds that personal touch, reminding us that behind these brands are real people. Also, unicorns, flamingos and donuts in bright pinks, lilacs and gentle neutral colours were used to bring a youthful presence.

Finally, we saw an emergence of  ‘old–school’ packaging with brown craft paper postal satchels to feel organic and look minimalistic. This became very popular due to packaging being heavily influenced by the environmentally conscious consumer.

5 global packaging trends in 2018

Marketing intelligence agency Mintel has announced five trends set to impact the global packaging industry in 2018 (via @marketingmag):

  • Packaging will play a pivotal role in reducing global food and product waste,
  • Online brands will reinvigorate their packaging in order to enhance the ecommerce experience,
  • Brands who adopt a clear package messaging will be rewarded since consumers prefer brands that embrace minimalism,
  • Brands will be called to keep marine conservation at the forefront of packaging development and to anchor the circular economy for future generations, and
  • Contemporary packaging formats will see the centre-of-store take centre stage.

Packaging design for online shopping.

With the growth of online shopping, it is no longer enough for packaging design to create an impact just on the shelf. The design viewed on e-commerce websites needs to reflect what the customers will receive on their front doorstep. Since consumers are faced with ‘information-overload’ from day-to-day stimuli with online and tradition marketing attempts, brands are at risk of being rejected if the design tries to over-sell. Authenticity and brand decisiveness reflected by clean label design will therefore provide clarity to help consumers in speeding up the decision-making process.


Image credit: Toa Heftiba

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