We have security for our homes, phones, cars and anything important to us right? So it makes sense to have security for our country too.

Penten is a multi-award winning cyber security company located in Canberra, who approached Mela Creative to develop a consistent brand look for the fast expanding cyber security business.

Starting in 2014, Penten has since developed many groundbreaking cyber security solutions including the AltoCrypt family of secure mobile solutions which enable secure access to classified information for government workplaces. Penten’s Applied AI business unit uses machine learning to create cyber decoys.

These two sections along with Penten’s own branding were creating confusion for external clients and within the company itself.

Mela Creative was tasked with developing a clear visual solution to this problem.

The final solution was to develop hierarchy rules for each section of the business, brand colours and new imagery which resulted in two smaller sub-brands under Penten.

Mela Creative designed the all visual elements for Penten's secure iPhone apps which ranged from icons to the visual design of the entire app.

At Mela Creative, we live and breathe branding! If your brand is looking confused, send us a message today.

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