Each year Mela Creative likes to give a gift of gratitude to our clients for Christmas. Can you believe that there are only nine more months until the next holiday season!

Renowned Canadian-American social psychologist Erving Goffman describes gift giving as a symbol of appreciation where “gratitude and expressions of thanks are ritual norms”. An important part of the gift-giving ritual is the experience of unwrapping a package. As branding and packaging design experts, each year we develop a unique branded gift for our clients that reflects our personality and creativity. We use clever packaging to bring enjoyment and fun to the unwrapping experience.

Last year saw Mela Creative refresh its branding to coincide with our move to a new studio in Alexandria and maintaining our “Mela green” brand colour was important in making the transition a success. Showcasing our new look for the 2018 client gift was very important to us.

Mela brought our “creativitea” to our 2018 Christmas gift with custom made tea and hug mugs. Each gift contained a visible branded mug and coaster encased in a custom designed wrap packaging which contained a surprise inside.

The highlight of the gift unwrapping experience was finding the personalised caricature tea bags featuring the Mela Creative team. The teas were individually picked from a range of organic teas to reflect each team member’s personality and of course taste-tested thoroughly!

The outer packaging was designed to intrigue and engage the gift recipient as well as protect the mug from breakage. We created a custom-fit interlocking wrap that eliminated the need for gluing and was printed on a single knifeline with the tea bags and insert, keeping packaging to a minimum and reducing waste.

We hope that our clients enjoyed taking a dip with our team and look forward to pushing our creativitea in 2019!

Mela Creativitea Tea-GIF

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