Photography plays a crucial role in delivering your brand’s personality and your position in comparison to your competitors. Your ‘brand’ is everything you do that the client/customer can see. This includes photography, your website design and tone of voice, your social media presence and how you portray your brand personality in any public space. Inconsistent messaging and low quality photography could cause a disconnect with your customers and devalue your brand.

Visual content drives engagement which equals sales. Customers today are wanting more and more, to connect with people and their brands. 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual and with 65% of the population visual learners, it seems only natural that good photography should be a priority in your brand’s communications. 

Here are 4 points to consider when planning photography for your brand.

1. Budget for professional photography. This is an investment into your brand and goes hand in hand with investments such as your logo, website, advertising and marketing.

2. Hire an expert. Professional photographers have the skills, equipment and eye that come from years of experience.

3. Avoid stock images. Stock images are readily available but they most likely are generic and do not connect with your brand. Good stock images are usually expensive and the more cost effective ones are overused and could create a disconnect with the brand.

4. Brief the photographer clearly. Spend time communicating with the photographer so you get all the shots you need. A smooth photoshoot requires things such as staff and talent coordination, styling and an eye for ‘the shot’ along with other behind the scenes logistics.

All of this could sound overwhelming for someone who has not coordinated a photoshoot before. Mela Creative has worked with many start-ups to large companies to help organise and run their photoshoots smoothly. Invest into your brand’s visual identity and send us a message or call us today!