Every business needs branding to set it apart from others - and this starts with a strong visual identity

Strategic branding will convey the true essence of what a brand is, or is not, in an instant.

By quickly identifying a company or product, strategic branding will create and shape a certain perception in people’s minds every time they come into contact with the brand.

People will start to form an opinion about your product or service based on the feeling or emotion the visual identity evokes. This can therefore impact on how your business is seen by both people inside and outside the business. Strategic branding will create engagement and credibility for people outside of the business that come into contact with you, especially your customers but also other associates like suppliers. Furthermore, it creates a sense of belonging and purpose for the people that work within your business. So in fact branding is much more than just a logo that identifies your business.

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Sandhurst Fine Food Packaging

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HS Fresh Food

A visual identity that aligns with the purpose of your business

Before creating any design work, we start with a brand strategy. This may include exploring creative name options that capture the meaning of the company or product. The strategy will also take into consideration the particular market segment and where the individual brand wants to sit within that market, its market positioning.

We work closely with you to extract exactly what makes your brand unique. This way your values, mission and brand promise will all be reflected in the visual identity we design for you. Colour, font, graphic elements or patterns, imagery and even the tone of voice all collectively set the tone for how people perceive your brand.

Branding for everyone - challenger brands to market leaders

Brand Design
Start with a blank canvas to create a completely new look for your new business venture, a new division of an existing company or a new product range. We can even help you with a new name that will help portray your brand’s message.

Brand Refresh
Update existing branding without having to change your logo with some design tweaks that will modernise an older brand identity for today’s market. We can simply refresh fonts, colours and design layouts to revitalise your brand’s image.

Reinvent your business in line with a new strategy or change in business offering that your current branding no longer clearly communicates. We can help you redefine your purpose and reflect this in your new look across all digital and print assets.

Our commitment to your branding design

Our team of graphic designers are skilled in creating an original and meaningful visual identity for a business. Using our out-of-the-box creativity, we start with conceptual logo designs that set the direction for the entire branding. We design visual brand assets with a keen eye for detail, ranging from packaging to digital marketing to print material. By carefully maintaining the look and feel of a brand’s identity at every brand touch point, people receive a consistent brand message. This reinforces their initial perception which helps to build trust in the brand.

Working in a friendly, collaborative environment means that we can produce quality design work that has been thoroughly peer reviewed before being presented to you. Great ideas come from team brainstorming and the inspiration we draw from what starts as a simple thought put into the mix. We always put our best collective work forward with no personal bias. We are not interested in winning design awards for ourselves - we prefer delivering design for maximum impact and real results for our clients.

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