Specialist packaging designers

Packaging we designed 20 years ago is still selling millions of units a year with only minor evolutions.
More than once, the colour codes we designed for a product range have been lifted by chain stores and applied to a whole category.

So after 30 years of designing packaging, we know we can make your product a category hero.

Packaging designed to build relationships

You’re an expert in your product. We’re experts in designing brands and packaging. Together, we create shelf impact.

That’s why you’ll find no barriers between you and your packaging designer; you’ll also find that nothing is too much trouble — because our designers will be as thrilled as you are when your product flies off the shelves.

Packaging designed to spec

Attention to detail in artwork is just a concept — until you’re landed with shipping containers piled to the walls with products you can’t sell because of printing errors. That’s why we triple check what we’ve already double checked.

Packaging designed to own categories

You’ll always get concepts designed meticulously to your brief; we’re not here to push an “agency aesthetic”. However, we’ll think as big for your product as you’ll let us — because choosing specialist packaging designers means you get to see more than you can brief.

We’ll show you all your options, so you can consider every edge you have to create impact.

Brands designed to expand

With me-too products from competitors (and retailers) never more than a few months away, you need to be able to iterate, evolve and expand quickly. That’s easier to do when you don’t have to worry whether your brand can keep up.

We have two decades of designing forward-focussed brands under our belts. You can be sure we’ll design your brand with enough creative elastic to fit everything your future holds.

Do you have a product you’re excited about? We’d love to hear all about it and talk to you about how we would approach designing brand and packaging fit for a category hero.

Small team, category domination

We are a small team of packaging design and branding experts. With us designing your packaging and creating your brand, you get the benefit of decades of experience and the creative energy of a team of design specialists sparking off each other and you. (What you don’t get is seven layers of account management and no idea who is doing the work.)

You’ll talk directly with your designers. We’ll sit and sketch and work through problems in the room with you.

You’ll be amazed how quickly we can turn your product knowledge and marketing strategy into a brand and into packaging designs that will excite your sales team then dominate the shelf.

Are you ready to give your product wings?

All your hard work comes down to that decisive moment: the customer standing in front of the shelf or sitting in front of the screen. At that moment, only one thing matters…

Do they pick your product or not?

If you would like 30 years of branding and packaging design expertise focussed on making sure your product gets chosen, call or email us. We’d love to hear about your product, show you relevant examples and talk about how we can help your product fly off the shelf.