Packaging is the cornerstone of a product’s branding

Strategic packaging design with strong branding will create a certain perception in people’s minds whilst shopping and will continue to reinforce this feeling every time they see the product in store or online. This inevitably builds brand equity for future products.

Packaging in any environment

Packaging for Retail

In a retail setting, packaging is a beacon for your brand that sits on a shelf alongside its competitors screaming to be picked up and purchased by consumers. Your unique brand message and promise must be immediately communicated in order to win the attention of busy shoppers. Eye-catching strategic packaging design that is on brand and connects with consumers on an emotional level is essential to standing out on a crowded shelf.

Packaging for E-commerce

As online shopping continues to rise and brands are being launched directly from online stores rather than in retail stores, packaging needs to adapt. Strategic packaging design must also take into consideration how shippable the pack format is when sent direct to the consumer. Nonetheless, well branded packaging in an online setting will also be necessary to engage consumers and build brand value.

Sandhurst Fine Food Packaging

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Sandhurst Fine Food Packaging

Lane Grande Packaging

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Lane Grande Packaging

The Health Nutt

The Health Nutt

Attiva Life

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Attiva Life

Our commitment to your packaging design

Strategic packaging design is a specialist area of graphic design because it requires a sound understanding of shape and physical form as well as expertise in creating attention grabbing graphics on the pack. Our expert advice is therefore valuable at the early stage of packaging specification. So we often work with product designers and manufacturers before starting on the design.

Once we have the packaging specs we can then work on creating packaging design that aligns with the brand strategy created for the business. This way we can design concepts that capture the brand’s personality and also express the features and benefits of the product itself. Further to the look of the packaging, creating die-lines to suit the packaging format is an important part of the design process. Not all packs are straight forward, so we will distort artwork for curved label shapes to fit containers, create complex box and blister form die-lines and also set flexible packaging specifications.  

Our in-house studio facilities include 12 colour large format printing used to create fast-turnaround, colour corrected, full-sized printed proofs that will assist the approval process.  We also create physical packaging mock-ups so you can see the final pack before going to production. Furthermore, working from a secure local server capable of handling large artwork files is an advantage when rolling out packaging for entire product ranges. 

We are creative problem-solvers that will work within pack format, time and budgetary limitations to deliver the most effective packaging outcome. We communicate regularly with product managers and brand owners to stay on track with streamlining artwork creation in order to keep costs down. Our commitment to quality work means a seamless transition from design concept to final print production, including liaising with your local or overseas suppliers.


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