If your business card or website design makes you feel embarrassed rather than proud, that might be a sign that it’s a good time for a brand refresh or new brand. 

1. Your business has changed
A business will always be evolving and changing during its lifespan. The company may expand to new countries, gain new leadership or attract a new demographic. These are all common changes which might lead to your branding needing an update as it may no longer align with your business.

2. Your branding makes you cringe
When you look at your brand visuals are you happy? Are you proud to show your logo and website to a client or customer? Trends change, and if you haven’t updated your brand in a while it may start to look old fashioned and fail to connect with your demographic and audience.


London 2012 Olympics Logo


3. Your brand doesn’t stand out
Rebranding isn’t just about staying up to date, your brand should stand out from the crowd and be memorable to your audience. The packaging also needs to be appealing to the target audience so if a brand is not updated at the right time, it may lose connection and credibility with customers.

4. People have no idea what you do
Keeping your message clear and consistent is very important in building a strong memorable brand. The most memorable brands are the ones that have a clear and concise message in all their communication.

5. Your brand has a bad reputation
A rebrand could be useful when a brand receives some bad press that is affecting the brand’s reputation. This is just one part of changing the brand’s reputation and should occur with other changes within the business and all forms of communication to the audience. Consistent branding is the key to realigning your brand’s perception.

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