Stay onside with a retail buyer when pitching your product for category review by never saying the things they hate. Retail buyers constantly receive pitches from start-ups and large business alike for shelf space in their stores.

You have done the hard work and have secured a face-to-face meeting with a buyer. So, stay onside with these decision-makers. Never say these 6 things!

Number One: “We have made no change to the range.”

A retail buyer is always looking for innovation. Innovation could be a category disruption or product renovation. Retailers are receptive to packaging renovations such as a new flavour or a new pack size.

Retailers will see added value in packaging they can proudly showcase on the shelf. So, try introducing improved sustainability in the packaging as a way to negotiate increased shelf space.

Innovation could also be at the Point of Sale (POS) to increase shoppers’ attention and increase visibility. This could be achieved with shelf talkers, headers, shelf strips etc. But be mindful of the retailer’s policy and restrictions for POS.

Number Two: “We found that …” without proof.

A retail buyer will love research results but not speculation. So, collect real data. The more data you collect, the stronger your argument will be. It may just be store visits that informs you research. But anything you say should be backed up with evidence. Take photos and include these images in your report. The more stores you visit, the more prepared you will be. Remember to include the retailer buyer’s stores – not their competitors.

Number Three: “We are using existing packaging from our overseas market.”

Retail buyers want to see packaging designed for the Australian market. They may not support overseas designs because they do not have the right labelling requirements. This could be enough to quickly dismiss your product range. Furthermore, overseas designs do not always resonate with Australian shoppers. This is because they use unfamiliar image styles or graphics.

Number Four: “We have included all the features and benefits on the packaging.”

This may sound like a good idea but in a retailer’s eye this means cluttered pack design that tries to say too much. You will have them offside before they even see the pack. Try instead to call out the most important points that speak directly to the target audience.

Number Five: “We have not included a recycling graphic.”

Packaging should clearly indicate appropriate disposal or environmental claims in the form of a graphic, statement or symbol.  There is no law to say you must use any “official” symbols, as long as you do not make any false claims. However, retail buyers will be impressed with packaging that adopts the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) Program.

Number Six: “We don’t have a planned advertising campaign yet.”

Retail buyers want to know that your product will be advertised to consumers. You do not have to book the advertising before the review but have a plan ready to talk through. Show them your social media ad content or a concept print media advertisement. They want to be sure that you will promote the product while they stock it.

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