Sometimes brands simply outgrow their branding, so need to rebrand to expand. This was the case for Fit Camp X which had been known by locals as Fit Camp Transformation Centre. The old name was associated with a successful boot camp weight loss program. However, the new owner wanted to expand to include group fitness and personal training programs for a wider demographic. Expanding service offering is one of the 5 signs that your business needs a rebrand.

Rebrand with a new name

As we have said many times before, branding is more than just a logo. A brand name is an important element of branding because it sets the scene for customers’ expectation. For Fit Camp, dropping “transformation centre” from the name immediately distances the business from its previous identity. We then brainstormed a number of name options with the client and agreed on Fit Camp X that breaks free from the limitations of the original name.


Old logo for rebrand



Fit Camp X white on black logo rebrand

Rebrand with a new look

We achieved the total transformation of the branding by designing a minimalist logo. This was done in order to achieve a wide appeal. But, as we always say, branding is more than the logo. So to complete the look, we then created styling for imagery that works well with the monochrome logo. Read more about how we helped Fit Camp X rebrand to expand with new branding.

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