Get retailers to love your product and improve your chances of a successful category review. Present with confidence with our 5 easy steps to get retailers to love your product and be on your way to becoming a category leader.

Step One

Create a demand

If there is already a demand for your product in other channels eg on social media, independent retailers, etc it will make retailers more interested in stocking your brand. Hence, it will be easier to get your product into mainstream retail groups.

Step Two

Align sales and marketing

Sometimes sales teams make promises to retailers that don’t match marketing deliverables. For instance, over-promising pack design changes could negatively impact the product’s positioning. Instead, work together beforehand to present a united front.

Step Three

Offer an improved shopper experience

Create a destination for consumers to interact with your brand. For example, use informative shelf strips and branded header cards to lead shoppers to the range and help them navigate through the options available.

Step Four

Have shelf-friendly packaging

Retailers love shipper boxes that can be used to display products on the shelf and make shelf stacking easy. But it doesn’t have to be plain, make the most of the space on the box to help sell the product by using colour and easy to read selling points.

Step Five

Create something different to rest of the category

Take photos of the category in various stores and then study what is happening in that category. Is everyone in the category using a dominant style or colour so that it ends up all looking the same? Find a point of difference and present your product in this light. It also helps to show images with mock-ups of your “innovative” approach on their shelves.

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