Refresh your current packaging without reinventing it with design tips you can use right now to make your product sell.

A complete packaging redesign takes time and money. And let’s face it, you need to completely commit to the process to make it a success. However, there are a few things you can do to refresh packaging of your current pack before your next category review.

Here are our 5 design tips to make your product sell without reinventing its packaging


1. Composition

  • use clear and concise messaging
  • remove unnecessary copy because this clutters the font of pack


2. Imagery

  • use on trend imagery
  • replace outdated images
  • avoid stock images because they don’t look authentic

Refresh packaging with updated colours

3. Colour

  • adjust colours to suit the brand positioning so that consumers know what to expect
  • make it brighter, softer etc


4. Sustainability claims

  • if it’s recyclable, say so on the packaging
  • add a phrase or better yet, a graphic to the back of pack. This is important because shoppers can easily identify how to dispose of the packaging


5. QR code

  • Qr codes are now mainstream, so take advantage of the technology
  • add a QR code to the side, back or inside of pack
  • drive consumers to your website for more information. For example, to a how-to video or recipe. Avoid taking them to the home page as this will not be a positive shopper experience because they will have to navigate to find specific information


refresh packaging with a QR code


Make these few design changes to your packaging, so that your product will look refreshed on the shelf. It will therefore have better shelf appeal to consumers and increase sales without you having to invest in a complete packaging update.

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