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Originally approached to design new Lane packaging concepts for a new, updated look for the entire range of door furniture and accessories, Mela has taken this project from concept to final artwork stage for over 250 different Lane products.

The brief was to create a premium packaging design that could be applied across the entire range in order to bring the brand together to a unified look and appeal to both the building industry and to retail shoppers alike.

Mela-Creative Sandhurst Anchovies

Our strategy was to primarily create brand shelf presence as priority whilst maintaining an overall “red” Lane packaging look. The major change was a focus on brand colour rather than function colour coding, which was more prominent in the old packaging. A white masthead balances the predominant red of the pack body to give a more sophisticated look. The original colour-code of red for Entrance, blue for Privacy and green for Passage was developed by Mela Creative exclusively for Lane Security over 10 years ago and has since been adopted across the industry as the norm so has been maintained.

Mela-Creative Sandhurst Anchovies
Mela-Creative Sandhurst Anchovies

The final artwork production stage involved creating individual artworks in various pack formats of Lane packaging including blister boxes, boxes, blister packs, polybags and cards. The consistent use of red across the entire range reinforces the heritage of this well-established brand that has evolved from being a supplier of a functional range of locks to one that offers the widest range of stylish door offerings for the home.

We've been evolving with ITW Proline and Lane Security for over 20 years.

Mela-Creative Sandhurst vinegar
Mela-Creative Sandhurst Anchovies

We recreated a Lane logo from supplied preliminary drafts with adjustments and the addition of a new tag line to make the branding more prominent. The concurrent 100 year anniversary of the brand was a great way to incorporate the company’s heritage onto the packaging with the addition of a 100 year logo.

"Lane has had a long relationship with Mela Creative. So when we decided it was time to review how we communicate our value proposition to the market we turned to Mela for advice. Working together we leveraged information from one on one interviews with interior designers, customers, trades and end user focus groups. This led to a complete rebrand starting with the Lane logo and continuing across all facets of communication, packaging etc. This was a huge project covering our portfolio of 600+ sku’s. The results are amazing and reflect Lane's position as the leader in designer door furniture. Our thanks to Emanuel, Rosanna and the creative team at Mela."


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