Launching a new brand

Celerette branding and packaging design were vital to the launch of this new product. This is because having the right branding gives a new brand credibility and appeal. Furthermore, branding and packaging design work together to create lasting shelf impact.

We worked with the team at HS Fresh Food Group to create the new Celerette brand. Celerette is an exclusive “mini” celery that is smaller, less stringy and sweeter than regular celery.

Celerette is full of personality. So, we created a brand name, visual identity and packaging design to really bring this new vegetable to life.

Fit for purpose packaging

The fit for purpose packaging format was designed and developed to make it:

  1. water and dirt resistant
  2. quick and easy for farmworkers to apply by hand
  3. have shelf appeal to attract the attention of consumers

This was achieved with a double-sided polypropylene card with a custom dieline, or cut-out shape. The dieline shape ties in with the branding by following the logo outline. Additionally, the shape maximises label visibility on the product.

Sustainable packaging

The card is an example of sustainable packaging. It is small and made from recycled material that is itself fully recyclable.

Read more about how we executed the Celerette branding and packaging design project.

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