There are a lot of unknowns in a global pandemic but one thing that is certain is that Australians are adaptable. Almost half of small businesses in Australia have pivoted towards online. With constant statewide lockdown restrictions, service and product based businesses have had to move their bricks and mortar stores to e-commerce stores. This meant updating product offerings, websites, photography, marketing strategies and logistics. 

Attiva-Life-Mela-Creative-Website-brand e-commerceOnline brand Attiva Life. Branding, photography, website and product packaging created by Mela Creative.

Product packaging, product photography, brand awareness and a good online user experience has never been more important. The customer can no longer experience the familiarity of a bricks and mortar store and is now often wary of scams online. One way to help build trust and credibility is having good professional photography of your products or services. Clear professional photos provide important information since the customer can no longer go into the store to see for themselves.

brand e-commercePhoto by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

Once the customer has chosen to purchase, the brand experience needs to shine as soon as they open the box. Good packaging design and branding will create a memorable brand experience in the customer’s hands and convert them into repeat customers. A classic example of a good unboxing experience is the Apple iPhone, the box itself cannot physically be opened fast, creating a ‘drum roll’ moment. 

The move to e-commerce has been increasing in the past few years, but since the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has become an integral part of life. Most businesses have had to adapt their business models, marketing strategies and product packaging. We’ve worked with many kinds of products from FMCG to hardware and cosmetics. We can help your business through this uncertain time from updating your packaging to creating a trustworthy online presence.