POS merchandiser kits for HPM and Legrand

POS & Signage

Category: Point-Of-Sale for electrical wholesale stores

Mela Creative worked with the marketing team at Legrand to conceptualise and supply new merchandising kits for both Legrand and HPM. The purpose was to create a consistent visual identity in wholesalers nationally.

Product bay modular solutions

This involved researching current pain points, working closely with a POS manufacturer and presenting new ideas for the overall look of a merchandised product bay with components that can be adapted to suit various store layouts (including shelf boxes, shelf strips, header cards, aisle fins, kick boards and wobblers). The shelves needed to look more consistent and tidy.

From concept to national roll-out

The concept was rolled out to full production overseas. Kits were delivered to the Legrand warehouse, individually packed ready for distribution to participating stores Australia wide.

Kits contained individual components to set up one complete bay in-store:

– modular shelf extrusions

– branded strip inserts

– branded aisle fins and header cards

– widgets/ grippers to hold cards in place

–  instructions for set-up

The unit needed to be easy to set up and easy to modify to suit individual needs of stores.


Project description


Create new POS design, including:

  • Discovery of issues with current product bays
  • New POS concept
  • Presentation to marketing department for approval

Design POS elements, including:

  • Developing new shelf units to hold existing product display boxes
  • Create new dielines for headers and aisle fins
  • Artwork production to spec
  • Print management

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