Ready-made meals packaging for Papa Macros


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Papa Macros has enjoyed success in selling individual healthy ready-to-eat meals. They came to us for a packaging refresh. We worked with the owner to create an easy-to-use system for the different categories of food and to cut packaging costs.

Packaging to create user friendly solutions

The brand offers six categories of food including meat, poultry, breakfast, vegetarian, vegan, and seafood. We created colour codes for each of these categories to make the selection efficient for both the kitchen and customer. A typical order would be for a week’s worth of meals, so the new colour coding allows you to select a meal at a glance from the fridge or freezer.

Less packaging, more impact

The carded sleeve originally used by Papa Macros was proving to be costly both to manufacture and assemble. Mela Creative worked closely with the owner to develop an over-printable label to add individual meal details on a batch-by-batch basis. The self-adhesive sticker cut down costs and time. It is perforated so that the label tears off easily with the clear film when the pack is opened. Naturally, the new label is 100% recyclable.

Packaging to display product on shelf and online

The ready-made meals currently sell online and are delivered straight to your door. The client is also expanding the offering to service stations and independent supermarkets. The new colour coded labelling system will maximise shelf impact and is tamper proof.

Project description


Create new label design, including:

  • New packaging imagery and design
  • Colour code

Design packaging elements, including:

  • Developing new packaging material
  • Create new dieline
  • Print management

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