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Retail packaging for expansive ranges of product requires both brand shelf impact and a positive experience for consumers. For fasteners, this is finding the exact screw they need easily.

Packaging that challenges the norm

Back in 2006, Zenith challenged the status quo of fastener packaging in the hardware industry by taking our advice to ditch the sea of white labels on blue boxes that was their existing packaging. Instead, we devised a concept of different coloured boxes for each screw type – green for timber, red for metal etc which was not the norm in the industry. The results were overwhelming with a massive increase in retail sales.

Hardware category leader

The strong colour blocking down the Zenith screws and bolts aisle draws customers straight to the section they need, making product selection a breeze. This concept, along with our actual colour codes, was adopted across the hardware industry for all fasteners and is still used over 15 years later.

Packaging for an expanding range of product

The Zenith brand spans across different hardware categories from fasteners through to rigging and gate hardware to wheels and castors and to hooks and hinges. After the success of the fastener range repackaging, the different ranges have evolved from basic hardware commodity products to application-driven solutions for consumer use. We designed the packaging for each range in line with the fasteners, using strong colour coding and user-friendly instructions for the growing DIY market.

Our designers create packaging concepts for new products that differentiates the new features, such as a new on-trend finish or an innovative functionality. This process is important in winning submissions of a new range to Bunnings. This has successfully been achieved with both the Zenith Sure Hook range and the Zenith Durasmooth hinge range. We worked with the marketing team on naming, brand identity and packaging design concepts for submission and then packaging roll out, magazine advertisements and POS to support sales.

ITW Proline has worked with Mela for more than 20 years on many projects from packaging to branding and print creative. As packaging experts, Mela have been instrumental in helping us develop innovative concepts that really set our brands apart in the market. Mela provide us with fresh, out of the box thinking and go above and beyond with their flexibility and responsiveness. I consider Mela to be an extension of our marketing team that really makes a difference to our business.”

Jennifer Krenich, Marketing Director, ITW Proline

Packaging for Zenith Hinges range

Project description


Packaging redesign of fastener category, including:

  • Updated Zenith logo
  • New packaging concepts to focus on product application

Roll out of hundreds of screws and bolt packaging in different format


Addition of new range extensions within new brand guidelines


Design point-of-sale (POS) and print assets to showcase the different product ranges

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