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Retail packaging is usually designed for a minimum of two audiences — the shopper and the retailer. In the case of Buildex’s brand redesign, the new brand and labels needed customer feedback before they could be rolled out.

Minimum space, maximum impact

Packaging design has to project brand essence without taking attention away from critical information. It also has to jump off the shelf.

These labels demonstrate the thinking that goes into projecting elegant simplicity to the customer.

Every label heroes the brand — it’s unmistakably Buildex. However, a single label can pack a small space with 16 essential pieces of information. Plus, it arranges them in a hierarchy that makes sense to the at-a-glance shopper:

  1. Brand
  2. Brand sign-off (“Made For Trade”)
  3. Broad screw category (decking, timber, metal etc.)
  4. Colour code for category
  5. Screw name
  6. Size of screw
  7. Head width
  8. Special feature (e.g. ACQ rated)
  9. Quantity
  10. Product features
  11. Critical information (e.g. not recommended for …)
  12. Rendering of the product
  13. Product code
  14. Company information
  15. Additional product information
  16. Barcode

A note on the colour code

In the hardware industry, red is the norm as the colour code for a metal screw, but it wasn’t always. We designed that colour code for a related Buildex brand 20 years ago. Thereafter, our colour coding for the entire range was adopted by retailers, then the whole industry followed suit.

Designing for the “worst” case scenario

What happens when you design the perfect label, but you’ve not looked at every product in a 300-row spreadsheet? Often, it means you’re back to the drawing board (even if the design has been signed off) because you’ve not considered that some of the words on the label won’t fit.

It’s not an accident that “Countersunk” fits on the label. All 11 letters fit comfortably because one of the earliest steps in our process is to look at every SKU for the little details — like long words — that could be a big deal.

ITW Proline has worked with Mela for more than 20 years on many projects from packaging to branding and print creative. As packaging experts, Mela have been instrumental in helping us develop innovative concepts that really set our brands apart in the market. Mela provide us with fresh, out of the box thinking and go above and beyond with their flexibility and responsiveness. I consider Mela to be an extension of our marketing team that really makes a difference to our business.”

Jennifer Krenich, Marketing Director, ITW Proline


Project description


A packaging concept presented with the client to their customer for feedback, including:

  • Full printed mockups of representative set of packs
  • Dieline shapes for every size pack

A nine-month rollout of 355 SKUs in six categories — with each product packaged in multiple sizes


Point of sale (POS) and print marketing material to support the sale of new ranges in store

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Do you have a product that needs shelf impact?

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