CellAED retail box packaging


Category: Medical Equipment Packaging

CellAED® is the world’s first handheld personal defibrillator developed in Australia to help saves lives from sudden cardiac rest. It is designed to be easy to use under pressure in the home or workplace. The manufacturers approached Mela Creative to work together on a sturdy box design that can protect this life-saving medical equipment during transportation.

Packaging Format

We created a cardboard retail shipper box to fit the CellAED® in its protective case snuggly and protect it from damage during transit. This was achieved by adding a 2cm thick insert into the retail box that cushions the unit from impact.  The packaging was subjected to drop tests alone and packed into an outer carton. This set the standard for the thickness of the flute board used for all packaging. To allow for easy removal of the CellAED® from the box, we developed a sleeve with a pull tab that wrapped around each device and also housed accompanying printed informational material.

In addition to safe delivery, the manufacturer was after a system for returning a device to them in the event of being used in a sudden cardiac arrest event or on expiry. We designed the box so that it can be repurposed to safely return the CellAED® to the manufacturer for appropriate recycling. To use the device, it must be snapped in half to activate and then the user must stick each half to the patient’s bare chest. After usage the two halves are stuck together to deactivate the device before being returned. The base of the box insert has been designed so it can be easily repositioned to house a used and deactivated device to prevent it from moving around during transit.

Packaging Design

We designed the layout of the retail and trainer boxes from existing branding and regulatory labelling requirements and ensured that the packaging continued to meet these requirements. We managed print production ensuring the new boxes were delivered on time for distribution.




Project description


Packaging design including:

  • concept format
  • print test run for drop tests
  • finalise layout
  • create HR print-ready files

Print management including:

  • work with printer to create new knife
  • liaise with printer throughout print process


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