Mela Creative developed a modern brand identity for Sydney packaging printer Luminar, formally known as Avonlea. The old brand, Avonlea had become dated and no longer in line with the company's standing. The rebrand coincided with Luminar’s move to a larger premises and their journey forward as leaders in their industry. 

Mela Creative developed the name ‘Luminar’ which is a derivative of the word illuminate, representing a passionate, visionary and trustworthy brand. We wanted to capture their brand’s vision of shedding light on innovative products to their customer. The spokes in the logo are made up of the main printing colours, yellow, magenta and cyan blue and with an added orange. This not only represents their strong connection to print but pays homage to their old Avonlea branding. 

Mela Creative set up and manage Luminar's digital marketing with social media posts, blogs and email marketing content management.