St Patrick's College Lumen


Category: School publication print design

Mela Creative has been designing and print managing the Lumen, a school yearbook for a prominent independent boys’ school in Sydney’s Inner West for several years. We create a new cover and an updated layout for the over 200-page book from copy and images supplied by the school staff based on the scheduled calendar events as well as special commemorations.

Streamlined design process

The design process involves working collaboratively with school staff each year to set a book grid at the start of the year outlining the content and to decide on overall book layout.

We have developed a streamlined procedure to make the process easier and less stressful for the school staff. Content can be uploaded to our FTP site as events occur throughout the year. We then send each designed page for approval shortly after. This means that there is not an overwhelming amount of work to do at any one time for busy staff that have to juggle creating the yearbook along with all their school year commitments. This process continues throughout the year until all content is completed.

Yearbook finalisation

The final book is collated and proofed at the end of the year. We design the cover and specify print finishes and embellishments such as spot UV or raised foiling before sending to our printer. The final book is engaging and flawless to reflect the school’s reputation.


Emanuel and his team at Mela Creative have been wonderful to work with. They are the whole package for us, from a creative perspective right through to the printing and delivery component. The final product for us, has been a high quality yearbook, that has received accolades from our wider school community. I would recommend Mela Creative to any school interested in creating yearbook that leaves its mark.”

Penny Pachos, Information Services Co-ordinator, St Patrick’s College, Strathfield


Project description


Design 200pp+ Annual School Yearbook

  • A new cover each year
  • Page layout
  • Final artwork

Print management

  • Specify print finish and extra embellishments
  • Supply artwork file to printer specification
  • Check printer’s proof

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