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Taylor Made Tea Co. is a brand of organic, herbal teas developed by a local nutritionist / herbalist for general well-being. The packaging design was inspired by patterns that had resonated with the founder. As a start-up, it is understandable that the founder turned to freelance designers to get the brand off the ground. However, problems arose when artwork was not completed to the correct standard required for printing.

Mela Creative was asked to put a professional finish on preliminary designs for pouch packs and to develop packaging for a box set that were beyond the skill sets of the freelance designer. The brand was launched with vibrant packaging to showcase the unique blends of loose-leaf organic teas.

Developing a colour code

Colour is the first thing that attracts buyers to packaging.  So, our approach began with updating the colour palette of the underlying pattern. By using complementing and contrasting colour schemes, the pouch packaging really came to life.

Adding a professional finish

Mela Creative gave the packaging a professional look. We tweaked the existing logo, refined the packaging layout and prepared print-ready files for the pouches in three sizes.

Box packaging design

Mela Creative worked closely with the client to design a custom box to house 10 small taster pouches. A prototype box was developed with our supplier. The box die line was created to be supplied flat for self-assembly by the client. Self-assembly eliminated the need for glueing thus keeping the production cost down. The elegant box design in black monochrome with a spot UV pattern allow the colours on the pouches to pop.

Project description


Create pouch packaging, including:

  • Colour code
  • Logo tweaks
  • New packaging layout
  • Final print-ready files for 10 blends in three sizes

Design box packaging, including:

  • Developing box shape, size and construction
  • Design box graphics to complement pouch packaging
  • Print management

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