Consistent branding helps you to create brand recognition, give your business credibility and build trust with customers. Here are 5 tips you can take home to start making your branding consistent:

Respect your logo

If you don’t have a professional logo, invest in one. Make sure you have the correct logo in all formats readily available, don’t rely on using what you can redownload off the website. And never ever distort a logo to fit into space.

Know how your icon or device can be used alone or with your name and keep a reference for any pattern, shapes or textures used in association with your logo.

Have a standardised colour palette

Colour is the first thing we remember about a brand. In fact colour increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent*. With brand colours, less is more – don’t introduce too many colours into your branding. It can cause confusion.

Use uniform typography

In the digital world, using standard fonts and typefaces that are universally available for web makes life so much easier.  There is nothing consistent about a brochure using a completely different font to an email blast. Know the name of your brand’s font, including all the variants and the styles used eg headings, body copy, callouts – and use it, always.

Create an image style for your brand

Free stock library imagery is so readily available now and although a very useful tool, chances are you are not the only one that liked and used a particular image.

If possible create a photographic library of your own imagery of say staff, the office, staff working in different environments, events etc that you know are original and definitely won’t be plastered all over the internet. Have a centralised image library where on-brand images or graphics are stored for future use on company collateral.

Tone of Voice

How do you want to sound to customers? Fun? Business-like? Casual? Calm? Tech-savvy? You need to keep a unified voice across all marketing to maintain the personality of your brand. Messaging and the phrases you use should complement the visuals and vice versa!

A strong, recognisable brand that customers trust helps ensure future business, builds the value of your brand and, ultimately, your financial return.

*Source: University of Loyola, Maryland study.